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Service offers on a time base (plus call out fee)

Hourly rates: service products on an hourly base (billing unit = 15 minutes)


PC systems, peripherals, networking .. (15 minutes per unit)

13,- EUR

Examples for service products on an hourly basis
PC repair, operating system installations, software installations, network installations, virus removal, computer network integration, PC setup, data recovery


Individual training on your PC. Whether at work or at home (15 minutes per unit)

7,50 EUR

Group training in your company (application software, IT security, etc.)

Price on request


Problem cases will be repaired inexpensively in our workshop.

According to individual offer


Service offers at a fixed price (plus call out fee)


Main Memory change / upgrade *

13,- EUR

HDD mounting with partitioning and formatting *

26,- EUR

PC Card installation (including the enclosed software) *

13,- EUR

PC Cleaning (PC: inside + outside, keyboard, monitor, including cleaning products)

26,- EUR



Setup and installation of a monitor *

13,- EUR

Installing a printer or scanner (using the enclosed software) *

26,- EUR

Basic installation: single-user Windows operating system *

52,- EUR

Device driver installation or firmware input, per device (e.g. printer, router, video card etc.) *

13,- EUR

BIOS input / update -only on specific request (per PC )*

13,- EUR

Standard DSL installation (standalone installation) *

26,- EUR

Additional WiFi/W-LAN device per location*

13,- EUR

additional telephony setup (VoIP) *

13,- EUR

additional installation of television over the Internet (IPTV) *

26,- EUR

Surcharges for special services


Guaranteed service within 24 hours (Mon-Fri Express)

26,- EUR

Surcharge to above listed prices for Saturday service 8-18 o´clock

50 %

Night surcharge to above listed prices Mon-Sun 18-8 o´clock

100 %

Surcharge for Sundays and public holidays services to above listed prices

100 %

* Requirement: Technically flawless function of the rest of the PC system.

Call Out Fee  

In the area Bensheim, Darmstadt, Groß-Umstadt, Groß-Zimmern, Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse, Michelstadt, Pfungstadt as well as Reichelsheim, if the value of your order exceeds 50. - Euro

free of charge

If the value is below 50, - Euro, in the area Bensheim, Darmstadt, Groß-Umstadt, Groß-Zimmern, Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse, Michelstadt, and Pfungstadt as well as Reichelsheim (per kilometer single way from IT-SSH)

0,30 Euro
Other places as well as special conditions for multiple driving

Price on request




Maintenance Contract

Price on request

24 hour hot line (special hot line number)

Price on request

Website creation

Price on request

Domain setup

Price on request

Remote maintenance of your computer (price per 15 minutes) payment by paypal possible

11,25 EUR

Other service rates follow.

All prices are retail prices and already include VAT 19%


IT-SSH – IT-Service Süd-Hessen
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64405 Fischbachtal
Tel.: 06166 - 932 444 – Mobile: 0176 - 620 286 77